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Future solo dolo songs

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

On my playlist for future solos:

- Sia – “Breathe Me”

- The White Stripes / The Glitch Mob – “Seven Nation Army” (remix)

- Sbtrkt – “Wildfire”

- Sugarland – “Stay”

- Keyshia Cole – “A Different Me” (intro)

An update on my 2012 resolutions.

1. Still has yet to be planned. Thinking my birthday will suffice this year.

2. Planned =)

3. In progress.

4. I did try out for a show, and didn’t make it. But I’m ok with that, cause I took the first step in even submitting a video.

5. In progress. However, I did sign up for Tough Mudder in October. Hopefully I can keep endurance up through to November.

2012 Checklist

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

No resolutions, as I believe that is an everyday happening – always try to better your being.

2011: Said ‘yes’ to new experiences and focused on the growth of “me”. No regrets.

Below is a checklist of experiences that I hope to accomplish this upcoming  year.

1. Go to Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg. Stay at a B&B and experience a wine tour.

2. Go to Vegas with the ‘03 girls on a whim for fun.

3. Turn in my paperwork to sign-up for the P.E. exam. Not ready to take it this year yet, but next year for sure.

4. Enter a pole competition. Always do something you’re afraid of; never wonder “what if?”

5. Re-learn how to ride a bike. Sign-up for the Tour De Gruene.

Operation: Photoshoot

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Getting prepared for my photoshoot with in countdown of 3 weeks.

- Cut out desserts and sweets.

- Workout every day including pole fitness, cardio dance, pilates, and flexibility stretching.

- 40/30/30 or The Zone diet (the one Jennifer Aniston is on).

- Get tan. Tanning has a slimming effect.

In just a week, I’ve noticed an increase in energy and “the line” – the line down your back as it is sandwiched between your back muscles. Now…on to back dimples! And abs, of course. And slimmer thighs. Just…everything.

Positive thoughts.



Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

I’m taking part in a personal goal to do a 30-day Poleates workout. This workout is to include pilates leg/arm/abs toning workout as well as pole strength workout. So far so good for the month of April. I can tell how literally bent out of shape I am. I can’t even hold myself up in pushup position without breaking a sweat – how pathetic. Burning energy? Perhaps. Making a positive difference? In the works!

I have a pilates DVD workout, but to kick up the variety, I found a great youtube channel >> user: Blogilates. Informative, beginner’s pilates workouts and eventually moving into the advanced as days go by. And of course, my favorite pole studio >> Soft Sensuous Moves.

Now if only I could get back into running. One of the ways to build up my knee strength is through swimming and the elliptical. I hate the elliptical. I think it’s just a wussy treadmill that doesn’t do much. Swimming on the other hand, needs a gym membership. I’m not yet willing to shell out dollars for that just yet. Hopefully I can see some improvements in my body without the need for cardio? =P yeah right.



Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

How many pairs of jeans do you own? My boyfriend has 3 pairs that he rotates – total 5, though. I went through and counted all of my own and came to a disgusting number of…30. EEK! That’s 10 times the amount most guys have! And I’ve determined that 5 cannot be fit into or are never worn, so after garage-sale-piling those, my current number is 25. I DO wear every single one of them, so it can’t be that bad to have options, right?

Now, if I move onto shoes, it’s even worse. Last I counted, I have…70 pairs. Call me Imelda Marcos! Cause I’m a shoe hoarder. If you don’t know who Imelda is, she was once the First Lady of the Philippines. She had 2700 pairs, and I am no where near that. But I sure am building to it, aren’t I? =/


Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I usually update with a post per month, but I’ve neglected August! Let’s skip on to September then…

The past month or so consisted of restaurant weeks in Houston and San Antonio. I only tried steakhouses to get the full potential of the meal deal.

1. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse – If I could rave about anything at this place…it’s the salad. YES the salad. I believe it was some sort of avocado? dressing that was to die for and kept me wanting MOAR. The steak was not bad, but I’ve never really had one with a crust on it. I’m not a big fan of that – more of a fan of kissed with a flame and set on my plate. We also had their version of “creamed corn” which tasted like corn in queso sauce. No complaints there.

2. Brenner’s on the Bayou – The restaurant has a very romantic atmosphere and excellent decor. Felt very home-y. I wish we were there during daylight so we could’ve caught the scenery outside. The food: great steak. I’ve never heard of this place nor would I have considered it a steak house, but it was cooked well, very tender. It actually tasted similar to Ruth’s Chris – and I like Ruth’s Chris =) The green bean and mashed potatoes sides were delicious and they made it elegant.

3. Kirby’s Steakhouse – They had a jazz band! It was so enlightening. I felt so cool to be in that atmosphere. The food was outstanding! The crab cakes were delicate and tasty, their steak was delish, their dessert was massive. I had not a sour experience the entire dinner. I would definitely recommend and come back to this place.

I wonder if I really ever dislike a steak. I mean, I even enjoy the cheap ones at Texas Roadhouse!


Don’t wanna be a bum no mo’

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

To avoid bumming on the couch and looking at my watch to find that I’ve been sitting there for the past 4 hours watching TV instead of doing something productive… I’ve been:

1. Re-learning how to knit. My mom taught me a while back. So far, I’ve been going at this rectangle thing I’ll adorn as a scarf in the future (if I ever finish it). Once I complete it, I will move on to another knitting style.

2. Reading. Starting off easy, I’ve already read Harry Potter. Loved it. I am not so much of a fiction reader. I think it screws with your reality and what you believe. I prefer non-fiction. I am currently reading Chelsea Handler’s “Bang Bang”. I mean, her first chapter is on her discovery of masturbation *gasp*!! This autobiography/memoir/whatever is soooo out there, it’s quite comically intriguing. I also just received the twitter giveaway of “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. Very much looking forward to this read.

3. Working Out. Or rather, attempt to. I would utilize the gym more if my key actually opened the door. I pay for it (via rent), I might as well put it to use!

4. Ballroom Lessons. Hey…I really have nothing else to do. I’m still unsure when these future acquired skills shall be put to use, but whatever! I’ll be learning the two-step, merengue, salsa, cha-cha, tango, etc. and I’m excited! Maybe throw me on an episode of Dancing with the Stars?! No? Ok.

5. _X_ Lessons. Whatever lessons ‘X’ is, I’m QUITE enjoying it. That is all.

If I can get up and do something, everyone else can also. Think about it…30 minutes for a brisk jog/bike ride or 30 minutes on the couch watching a show you can DVR anyways. Do the right thing!


Filipino in Guatemala

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Not me, I’m not Filipino. But my friend Ron Fortin is. He had an opportunity to head The Scheel Center in Guatemala. I think he is very brave, respectable, and unselfish to take on such a great task. The location requires adjusting to a new country and culture. He is making a difference to the community and its kids through education and healthcare.

A great story and experience, and I hope you’ll be able to read and donate to aid their endeavors as well as help overcome natural struggles. All donations are beneficial only to the students, families, school, and community.






dead, divorced, married, engaged.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

So me and a couple of my friends were talking about divorce (since a couple of friends are getting one). The trend today is 40-50% of married couples end up in divorce. So of 16 people in my office, 2 are single, 6 have been/will be divorced, the rest are married. That fits right in with 42% divorcees. Also, 7 people have iPhones, so that really tells you how much of this world owns one. But anyways…

Our discussion led to, why do people get married? (I feel like I have written about this before.) My sister has decided that she does not want to be married nor does she want kids, however she will be very ok with a whole lotta dogs (kids). Guys respond, “she’ll change her mind in a few years” and girls (including me) respond, “she’s 23 – that’s the age where YOU KNOW how you want your life to be.” Sure you “want” it be a certain way, but we also accept that it might not end up that way.

I want to get married. I guess it’s sort of a show, but it’s also tradition. And I’m fairly traditional all thanks to my family. Or some people get married cause they’re pregnant, and they want the child to have a mother and father to make a real family and to eliminate speculation from others.

I want to have a ring, have a tea ceremony, and enjoy a badass reception. BUT that’s what I “want.” I want a ring cause I don’t need anyone to support me, so the ring would be a gift that I would truly treasure. And since that’s the one thing I can’t buy myself, I want it to be the biggest rock that my fiance can afford. I want to have a tea ceremony cause I’m traditional. I want to have a badass reception cause I’m OCD on planning unique and memorable parties.

So…why NOT get married?! Not committed, not committed enough, scared of divorce, scared of gossip, not old enough, too old, scared of expectations, not stable, not stable yet, you hate sharing — everything, don’t know.


oh doctor…

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The results of my 2nd doctor’s appointment…ever…

-I WAS hypoglycemic (thought it was hyperglycemic, but she explained to me the definitions). Since I gave up sweets for Lent, it did me good. Doc goes, “see…diet DOES affect your overall health.” Yeah…so I’m going back in a couple weeks to get my blood sugar and cholesterol levels measured. Since my grandma has diabetes, she thought I may be a little more at risk. But she commended my efforts to lay off the sweets =)

-I have runner’s knee. A couple years ago, it was my left knee. But now, my right knee has been shifting/semi-popping out of it’s socket and going back in. PAIN. Doc told me no running on concrete =( I have to use the elliptical or stationary bicycle for a couple months then ease into regular running again.

-I have to take vitamins, wtf. jk. I know I’m supposed to, I just never do. 600mg calcium/400mg vitamin D.

-So, my last tetanus shot was in the 90’s. Hey man, that was nearly 2 decades ago. So since tetanus shots last 10 years, and I was overdue, they MADE me get a shot! Fckin hurts. I mean, if I step on a rusty nail tomorrow, I’d have to get one (another one) anyways, so why give me one now?!

Other than that, I’m a pretty healthy gal. Thank goodness!

HOWEVER, what do you check on the history sheet under, say umm…alcohol?

Like when they ask you, “how many drinks do you have per week?” Can doctors add the question, “how many drinks do you have per weekend?”

Cause I wouldn’t consider myself an alcoholic cause I don’t have a bunch of drinks everyday. But I’m not an alcoholic if I have drinks on the weekend…right? How do I calculate my amount of drinks if I have like say, 4 or 5 during one Saturday night…crap that sounds like I have 4-5 drinks per week, which is consistent with a drink per day. Mannit! But then, there was a check box with ‘binge drinker’ which technically is drinking a whole bunch at once, during let’s say – the weekend. Like OMG, I’m a binge drinker! Of course, you don’t want to say it like THAT, cause isn’t there judgement behind it? Like you’re labeled a raging alcoholic or something? I dunno.