Don’t wanna be a bum no mo’

To avoid bumming on the couch and looking at my watch to find that I’ve been sitting there for the past 4 hours watching TV instead of doing something productive… I’ve been:

1. Re-learning how to knit. My mom taught me a while back. So far, I’ve been going at this rectangle thing I’ll adorn as a scarf in the future (if I ever finish it). Once I complete it, I will move on to another knitting style.

2. Reading. Starting off easy, I’ve already read Harry Potter. Loved it. I am not so much of a fiction reader. I think it screws with your reality and what you believe. I prefer non-fiction. I am currently reading Chelsea Handler’s “Bang Bang”. I mean, her first chapter is on her discovery of masturbation *gasp*!! This autobiography/memoir/whatever is soooo out there, it’s quite comically intriguing. I also just received the twitter giveaway of “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. Very much looking forward to this read.

3. Working Out. Or rather, attempt to. I would utilize the gym more if my key actually opened the door. I pay for it (via rent), I might as well put it to use!

4. Ballroom Lessons. Hey…I really have nothing else to do. I’m still unsure when these future acquired skills shall be put to use, but whatever! I’ll be learning the two-step, merengue, salsa, cha-cha, tango, etc. and I’m excited! Maybe throw me on an episode of Dancing with the Stars?! No? Ok.

5. _X_ Lessons. Whatever lessons ‘X’ is, I’m QUITE enjoying it. That is all.

If I can get up and do something, everyone else can also. Think about it…30 minutes for a brisk jog/bike ride or 30 minutes on the couch watching a show you can DVR anyways. Do the right thing!


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