Places I want to try v. March 2010

March 24th, 2010

1. SoGo Market Cafe and Takeout []

2. The Bubble Room []

3. Bin 555 []

4. Big’z Burger Joint []

5. Copa Wine Bar []

6. High Velocity @ J.W. Marriott []

More things seem to be building around my area, so I’d like to start off local. I’ll build on this list as I check it off.

I have listed 2 wine bars, as I’ve never been. Always wanted to try it and become more knowledgeable, but no one else wants to try new!



March 24th, 2010

I’m studying to take the FE exam (for the 3rd time). Taking it this many times is ok, especially since the 1st time was forced to get an idea of the exam format, and the 2nd time I failed by a measly 2 points. Hopefully 3rd time’s a charm, cause I wouldn’t have any excuse except that I didn’t put enough effort into studying.

One of the subject is ethics. And though it is one of the few section of questions with multiple choice word answers, it is one of the hardest. With equations, you can always formulate a way to find an answer. With ethics, it seems, nearly every single one of the answers has been put into play by my company or a representative of a brand or manufacturer; therefore, any of them could be wrong or right.

For example:

Q: Which of the following could you accept within most codes of ethical behavior?

a) a trip to the Bahamas from a vendor to learn about that vendor’s products (ok…seems some ppl accept this before. should you accept such a big, all-inclusive, paid trip?)
b) a pen-and-pencil set sent by a blueprint reproduction company (we always get calendars, pens, pencils, etc. now I’m starting to wonder if receiving gifts is a bad thing.)
c) a smoke Thanksgiving turkey sent by a previous client in gratitude for a previous successful job (sure, we get a few “congrats” and “thank yous”. we also get gifts during the holidays, but mainly from reps. are we to send back the food?)
d) a monetary incentive sent from a vendor in a counter where such incentives are legal and common (it doesn’t sound right to accept straight up money, right? this is the answer to choose, right? but we do receive donations for our charity projects.)

So can you guys figure out the right answer? It seems to me, there’s a gray area where many exceptions can be applied to the rule of ethics. How am I to distinguish what is seemingly MORE right than the other? Cause I’ve seen all those examples practiced within my profession.

The correct answer is c). Technically, any gift, no matter what the value and no matter whether the gift is legal or illegal, is unethical if it influences you or biases you toward the giver. a) b) and d) are all intended to gain favor for future work, where choice c) is a method of saying “thank you” for past work.

So am I supposed to say something when they give gifts? It is really THAT unethical to go be a whistleblower? Meh!


Lindeburg, Michael R. FE Review Manual: Rapid Preparation for the General Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Belmont, Calif.: Professional Publications, 2006. Print.

^^Had to google how to do a works cited, but had to give credit to the author of the question.


February 26th, 2010

So my high school friends and I had a discussion about happenings back in the day. We mentioned things like folded notes in all varieties: coded, a “hey how are you” note, a dramatic story note. These notes were passed around to friends to hand off to other friends. One of my best friends still has a shoebox full of these past notes. I half want to read our youthful thoughts, and I half want to dispose of any nonsense written in those things.

There were also slam books. Honestly, I had to dig deep into my memories to remember that my group did once create a slam book in high school. This slam book was then passed on around the school.

Slam Book is a notebook (commonly the spiral-bound type) which is passed among Junior high school students. The keeper of the book starts by posing a question (which may be on any subject) and the book is then passed round for each contributor to fill in their own answer to the question[1].

Slam Books can also exist in virtual formats. Web based slam book sites have attracted controversy for hosting virtual slam books in which individuals or organisations are targeted for criticism that constitutes bullying or defamation.[2]

Cliffs: you slam someone in a slam book. Or if you’re nice, you leave good comments. I remember coming upon my page to have (luckily) 1 sour message. It was kind of hurtful, yes. However, I still wanted to scroll through the pages to read everyone else’s comments. Are we just cruel to each other and ourselves? The point of the slam book was to anonymously compliment or shit talk. In the end, what good does it do? To hear compliments from crushes you have no clue who they are. To hear shit talking to come to the realization that some people dislike you. What if you didn’t know your page in a slam book existed? Maybe you’re better off.

I think the next time I head home, I’ll be rummaging through the drawers to see if anything surfaces.



January 23rd, 2010

Started off 2010 with a trip to Breckenridge, and man it was awesome. One of those rare (once-a-year) trips that I enjoy to the fullest. Relaxing actually, even if I fell on my butt often and soreness was ever-frequent. I’m glad I went, and now I look forward to the next trip, whenever that may be. It probably won’t be for a while as I kind of just want to save. Dunno what I’m saving for, but we’ll find out once it’s spent.

Just finished off another 70-hour week. The days just bleed into each other. What’s sad is, I think I got used to it. I may be tired, but I’m not all that stressed.

Just 95% finished my electrical set for my first medical buildings, complete with a CT scanner and a linear accelerator (machine that shrinks/magically eliminates tumors). Basically, my boss said, “don’t fuck up”… makes sense, cause these machines literally affect people. After completion is a great feeling of accomplishment as this was my first solo project. This was the first one where bossman was hands off unless I specifically asked for his guidance. Very exciting for me.

My company’s health insurance went up 30+%. Figures with the heart attacks, pregnancies, throwing out backs, strokes (at age 32!!). So we have a new health plan that is especially fitting for me since I’m health[ier] than most. And even when I am sick, I never go to the doctor anyways. With the health problems happening, my company will now invest time into going to the gym! And I’m very excited for our corporate membership at…Incarnate Word =) yup! University wellness – nothing beats it. And it’s conveniently across the street.

BTW, you must check out my friend’s site for his up-and-coming Check out his highly energetic blog:

BTW2, my “things I want but don’t need list v. 2009″ remains as checked-off. Though I will be replacing my ipod shuffle (old version, NOT the new one) as I gave mine to my grandpa so he could listen to Vietnamese music. The rest of that list does not consist of necessities to me. Ergo: “don’t need”


Things I want but don’t need v. 2009

November 3rd, 2009

1. iPod Touch – I feel like I will be out of touch with music once my 1st gen video iPod dies. [ended up getting an ipod shuffle for gym purposes. works great! guess I'll save out for if I get an iPhone]

2. Snowboarding trip going in January!

3. One quality, everyday-use purse – enough of the Charming Charlie cheapos!

4. Sterling silver hoops, holler

5. Dyson vacuum – never thought I would be so excited using my old roommate’s vacuum. hands down one of the best inventions ever.

6. Lasik - This might actually be my only legit “need”, though it will likely take multiple trips to correct my legally blind eyes. I will endure the recovery (and cost) to not deal with hard contacts or ant-killer glasses any longer.

7. Sunglasses with polarized lenses – look…after working at an eyeglass store, all frames are the freakin’ same with the exception of brand name. Polarized lenses reduce glare in the worst conditions and are a necessity regardless of the frame.

8. Surround sound system – to pair with my new TV :)

9. Women’s golf clubs – cause I can’t keep using men’s clubs.

10. Rockets jersey – though I’ve made use of my T-Mac jersey since ‘04, it’s time for a new one. And I proudly support my Houston Rockets in the land of the Spurs.

11. Hats – I’m continuing my quest to be a “hat person.” [got my hats - waiting for the right sports season to sport them]


October 28th, 2009

Get better soon.
Get better soon.
Get better soon.

How am I going to last through Halloween weekend like this? Ironically, I was sick at this exact same time last year. The 5K last year is equivalent to the 5K weekend this year. I paid for a timing chip, so I better do something. Just don’t want to exert all my energy.

“H1N1!,” everyone screams. Not exactly sure how serious that is over the regular flu. Haven’t really given time to research it. Just gonna wing it unless it gets really bad.


H&M <3

September 29th, 2009

Got back to SA from San Francisco last night. SF was a blast! The people are pleasant, the weather is chill, the attractions were magnificent, the atmosphere is a definite vacation from my normal life. I loved it! I’ll definitely want to do another visit in the next couple of years.

I went on a mini-shopping spree at H&M. I’ve been to the store in New York before, but it wasn’t anything appealing. This past weekend however, I was loving it. I especially found my leather (pleather) skirt I’ve spent months searching for; or searching for the RIGHT one at the RIGHT price.

H&M sizes, however, are very different. They run small, so I had to get a size bigger. How revolting to see your H&M size as your normal plus 2? Like if you’re a 2, H&M size = 4. Or 4, H&M size = 6. Eww.

Anyways, I have several pictures, but I’ll refer you to my friend’s SF photo album instead since I’m thoroughly unpacking now. And I’m lazy.



September 9th, 2009

A new law in Texas requires all educators AND contractors to have a background check and get fingerprinted. I went yesterday to the fingerprinting location which consisted of “voter booths” in a tiny room. Everything is electronic these days, of course. The guy who scanned my prints even mentioned how mine are “different.” Apparently, I have triangles in my prints and they’re pretty unique. So great… If I ever do anything illegal, I’ll get caught even faster now haha

Yesterday was the 1st day back from a weekend in Houston. I have to say it was one of the craziest days ever. I was barely in the office until about 2PM (arrived at 8:30AM). It was madness and just a slight indication of how the rest of the week will be. Yay.

Anyways, I promised pictures of the new apartment. Gotta wait ’til the next entry as I’m still living out of bags and boxes. I JUST unpacked the kitchen yesterday, giving it priority over my room. Probably wasn’t the best idea, but oh well.

BTW, HEB Plus is confusing! Too wide and long of a walk for my taste.



September 2nd, 2009

I hate. Moving. hate!

Will post pics of new place soon.

Nothing special as we aren’t fully settled in.

And my walls are bare. Gotta grab my old stuff from Humble and spice it up.

I want a more “adult” room, but that $ is being saved for plasma TV :)



August 25th, 2009

My coworker introduced me to Kim Kardashian’s shoe club, ShoeDazzle [].

$39/month and you get a pair of shoes! Exactly what a shoe club is. Most shoes these days cost at least $30, even at Forever 21, so $39 for a unique pair – awesomeness.

You take an initial survey, so they can get insight into your personality. When the time comes to ship the shoes each month, the shoe club presents you with 5 options according to your survey. You choose the best option, and voila! You have a pair of shoes from ShoeDazzle.

Enjoy ladies!